Sunday, July 26, 2015

Majestic 3D Machine Embroidery Birds From Anita Goodesign are Breathtaking!

On my recent trip to Africa, one of the most pleasant surprises was to see so many beautiful birds.  The colors of the birds were amazing.  We saw Starlings, Weavers, Parrots, Guinea Hens (and we even saw the very rare Crested Guinea Hen), Storks, Pelicans, Herons, Eagles, Vultures, Flamingos, and more.  I have definitely found a new interest in learning more about birds! 

Of course that will be easy to follow up on, since Melissa, our Beginning Quilting Teacher, was an Aviary major in college and has significant knowledge about birds.  I am hoping she will be able to tell me which bird is in which picture, since I'm not sure I remember them all!  And I was so excited to come home and see the newest Special Edition from Anita Goodesign - Majestic 3D Birds!  I can't wait to try these out!

Majestic 3D Birds is the latest machine embroidery Special Edition from Anita Goodesign.  This is a technique they have been working on for a while and they thought creating majestic birds would be the best way to launch it! 

All of the feathers on the birds are 3-Dimensional, creating a realistic beautiful look.  Here is a close-up of the feathers on one of the birds.

When these designs were introduced, everyone who saw them couldn't believe how they were done.  Best of all, they are completed in your hoop!   The first step is to stitch the feathers.  Once the feathers are stitched, you attach them to the bird in you hoop.  They are so easy to create!

There are 12 different birds, including a Peacock, Swan, Phoenix, Bird of Paradise, and much more.  Each design comes in multiple sizes and they will look amazing on whatever project you decide to embroider them on!  Here are close-ups of some of the birds:

The pre-order price for this newest Anita Goodesign Special Edition will expire on July 31st.  Click here to order today so you don't miss out on this special pricing!  What project will you make with these beautiful birds - a table runner, quilt, perhaps a design on the back of a shirt?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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