Monday, July 6, 2015

License Plate Quilt Sample is Done! How Cute!

Are you participating in the Row by Row Experience this summer and collecting your FREE pattern from shops all across the USA and Canada?  If not, you should definitely get started!  No passport or payment required, just stop by the participating shops and ask for the FREE Row by Row pattern!  You can go to the Row by Row Experience website and find out more about it, and each state has their own facebook page showing the row patterns from that state!


Many of the shops will have kits available for their rows, and another fun thing to do is collect the fabric license plates from each shop.  I collected many of them last year, and have already started my collection for this year! 

To make the quilt, we made both of the Always Quilting rows.  We decided to do two rows this year so one would be all piecing, and the other row is a combination of mostly piecing and a little bit of paper piecing.  Here is the row designed by Always Quilting called Cruisin' to the Beach.  Our kits for this row also include the embroidery for the ship names!  You can find out more about our kit here.

Our second row is called Watercolor Wave, and it is a beautiful bargello row designed by Hoffman Fabrics using ten of their fabulous batiks!  Our kit is using those exact batiks, and you can find out more about that here.

So now we have the fabric license plates, and we have the two rows, all we need is the pattern and a little bit of sashing fabric!  This pattern is called "License to Sew" and it is by Cut Loose Press.   It makes a great wall hanging featuring two rows and sixteen fabric license plates.  Now we are ready to put it together!

Here is our final quilt; this went together very quickly in less than a day.  What do you think?  Hope you are enjoying the Row by Row Experience this summer - we sure are having fun hosting it!


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