Sunday, July 5, 2015

Connecting Flowers - A Beautiful Table Runner from Anita Goodesign

This year, we have been doing a lot of machine embroidery!  The projects are so fun and we are learning a lot as we go along.  We really love the projects from Anita Goodesign - the designs are excellent and work well for all types and formats of embroidery machines.  Do you know how they got their name?  We are constantly asked to "tell all" about Anita - but there is no Anita!  The company was started by Steve, and his inspiration was that people kept saying to him "I need a good design".  So he took that and voila - "Anita Goodesign" became the name of the company!  So all day, every day, Steve is reminded that "I need a good design"!  Here is one of Kit's favorite Anita Goodesign projects  - "Connecting Flowers".

This is a great design collection, with 16 different flower blocks in two different sizes.  For more information, click here.  We do host a monthly Anita Goodesign Machine Embroidery workshop.  We hope you can join us for one soon!

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