Monday, July 27, 2015

Shabby Chic with More Favorites from Moda 3 Sisters

Moda designers 3 Sisters have put together a beautiful collection of their old favorites.  This collection has a beautiful shabby chic look, and can be easily combined with other collections from 3 Sisters.  Here are some of the fabrics we've just received - click here for more of a close-up!

We've also gotten in strip rolls from this collection that have a beautiful variety of all of the favorites.  They would be perfect for a soft quilt that you just want to cuddle up with - maybe even put minkee on the back.  What about the Heart Strings pattern - it would be perfect for these soft pastels in the strip roll with the beautiful cream tone on tone as background.

Another option would be the classic Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern by Terry Atkinson.  This is always a favorite - grab 12 fat quarters plus pick your favorite for a border, and you'll quickly have a beautiful shabby chic quilt! 

As a side note about this pattern, it is one of my very favorites!  When I was first learning to quilt, I decided that practice was the best thing to do, and so I made Yellow Brick Road quilts for all of my family and friends.  I tried all different color combinations and styles of fabrics.  They all turned out really great and I learned so much in doing them.  I made 32 Yellow Brick Road Quilts!  Thinking back now, I can't believe I did that!  And I think I have a few more in me....someday when the grandchildren come along I'm sure I will have to make Yellow Brick Road quilts for them too!

However, if you'd like to make things even easier, how about a Turning Twenty Quilt? 

For this one you need twenty fat quarters, and you can easily have this top done in a day - I promise!  This is another one of my favorite quilts, and a great go-to pattern for gifts.  The quilt is good sized, and it is so easy to make.  And with this new version of the pattern, you can make the original Turning Twenty, or try one of the variations using half dark fat quarters and half light fat quarters.  For the shabby chic look, though, I'd recommend the original Turning Twenty, since I'm not sure you would get enough light and dark contrast with this collection.  I've done at least 10 of these quilts and am pretty sure I have a few in my UFO stash too.   I should probably get those out and get them finished one of these days.....

Which quilt would you do with these fabrics - a strip quilt / Heart Strings, a Yellow Brick Road, or a Turning Twenty?  Or do you have something else in mind?  We'd love to hear what you will be making!

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