Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Block Magazine from Missouri Star is a Great Bargin

We love Missouri Star Quilt Company, and we especially love their Block Magazine!  It is the best deal in town!  Ten patterns, and lots of well-written stories, and no ads!  All this in a beautiful slick cover that looks more like a book!  And the patterns are all great and really fun to do!  Here is the magazine and more info.

And we have two of our own "Missouri Mammas", Pat and Evelyn!  They love making quilts from the magazines, and we have already been scheduling classes with them so they can help you make them too!  Pat has one coming up in August on the 9th and 16th - the Binding Tool Star Quilt,

and we are working on the schedule to find the perfect spot for Evelyn's Missouri Star project.  We hope you will enjoy the magazines, and would love to see you in class too!

Note:  My apologies on the picture of Pat's quilt...it really doesn't have a green corner - that is just the way the lighting came out.  I really need to learn how to take better photos! 

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