Thursday, July 23, 2015

Do You Get Frustrated Squaring Up Blocks? We Just Found a Perfect New Tool!

We have just discovered this great new tool from Karen Kay Buckley.  Karen is an amazing quilter.  She has over 300 quilts to her credit, and her personal work has received numerous awards including NINE Best of Show awards, including the 2013 Best of Show at the American Quitler's Association Show in Paducah, Kentucky. She was voted teacher of the year by the PROFESSIONAL QUILTER MAGAZINE in 1997. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and calendars. She has fourteen  cover quilts to her credit (she considers herself very lucky!). One of her quilts was chosen by Senator Wofford’s wife to be placed on display in the U. S. Capitol in 1992, and another was chosen for the same display in 1993.  She has appeared on Simply Quilts and AQS show American Quilter.  She has a very busy schedule teaching, judging and designing!

With all of these credits, when Karen speaks, quilters listen!  She has designed and patented a unique system to make sure you can easily square up any block or rectangle, any size from 4" to 24 1/2".  The Perfect Adjustable Square is a series of pieces that snap together (like puzzle pieces) to create any size square you need.  This tool is perfect for squaring up your applique squares or pieced squares as well.  It also comes in a beautiful storage box, since it is something you will want to use over and over again!  To find out more about this great tool, click here.

Have you tried this tool yet?  If so, let us know what you think!  We do lots of t-shirt quilts for customers, and usually have lots of different size squares to square up.  We can't wait to try this tool and see how much more quickly we can do this! 

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