Friday, July 24, 2015

New Moda Batiks are Here! Los Cabos, Here We Come......

What a fun day! Today we received some new Moda Batiks from the Los Cabos Collection.  It's always fun to get a fabric delivery, but I really love it when we get new batiks in!  And these are so beautiful and so saturated, that you can feel the colors of Los Cabos when you look at them!  Here is a sampling of what we have received; click here if you'd like to order some! 

Of course there are so many wonderful patterns that can be made with batiks today.  These would be great as borders or "zinger" fabrics with any project you are working on.  I have several unfinished projects (ok, more than several :-) that I am going to pull out and see if these will work for inner borders..... Do you have something you are working on that would be perfect for these batiks?

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