Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mesh Tote Bag Class Was Very Fun! Here are Some Results

Pat's Mesh Tote Bag Class on Saturday was so much fun!  The samples for the class included two versions of Row by Row totes - one with zipper and one without.  They are pictured here:

Although some did use the Row by Row fabrics, there was a nice variety of other projects as well.  Here are Angelica's fabrics - yellow for the inside pockets with Minions on the outside!


And Emily was working on Birds and Bows.  This is the inside of hers, which will become the pockets:


Here is Emily's finished project - by the time she finished the class, she already had papers and fabric and things loaded up in the bag and ready to use it!


And here is Jackey's bag - in process.  I love the beach umbrella fabric on the yellow mesh!  What fun.  She left before I could get the finished picture, but it turned out very cute!

The other girls finished theirs as well - Evelyn did a Row by Row bag, Pat is holding bags from two other students - SF Giants and another Row by Row version, Gloria did Row by Row, and Angelica finished her Minions tote bag.  A fun day was had bay all, and these projects are definitely addicting - most everyone in the class has already started on their next bag! 

Here is the link to the Screen Play pattern, and we also have the screen mesh available by the yard in three colors - black, purple, and royal blue.  Just let us know what you need and which color you prefer.  And we also have an upcoming class for the Nifty Notions Mesh bag with Pat.  You can register for that class here, or click here for more information on the kit.  Here is what the notions tote bag looks like:

Won't you join us for this class?  These bags are so fast and will make great holiday gifts! 

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