Thursday, July 16, 2015

How About A Little More About our Africa Trip?

In Africa, we had a chance to visit several Maasai Villages. It was very interesting to learn about their culture. The men have multiple wives, with lots of children from each wife. They raise cows, sheep, and goats and live in a family centers unit called a Boma.  Each wife has a house for her and her children, and a bedroom for the husband!  The husband goes from wife to wife as he chooses. You can tell how many wifes a man has by counting the houses in the Boma. The women work very hard. They are responsible for building the hoises, making the food, and raising the children. The boys and warriors guard the animal herds, and protect them from the wild animals such as lions.  It used to be that the boys had to kill a lion to become a warrior,  but now, after wildlife education, the Maasai are actually guarding the lions too and helping to save them.

We actually got to dress in Massai clothes and dance with them and ask questions about their culture. It was a great experience and I'll send more pictures soon!

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