Thursday, June 4, 2015

Get Ready for Summer Travels with Handwork to Take Along!

Lumenaris Kits make wonderful travel companions!  Lightweight, and they have everything you need in the kit - needle, thread, and all wool felt pieces laser cut to the exact shapes needed.  The small pillows and ornaments also have stuffing of the exact shape and size needed for your project.  Instructions on the specific project as well as how to do the blanket stitch (and other stitches that may be needed) are also included. 

I have a special hint for traveling with projects where you might need a small scissors to cut threads....use dental floss!  The little cutter on the floss will easily cut threads, and it does work on the floss as well.  I have had problems at times with small scissors going through airport security, but have never had a problem with the dental floss.  It is small and lightweight and easy to fit in your sewing case. 

I have taken my Lumenaris Kits on many travels - they are fun and easy and you can get them done quickly!  You can choose from table mats, Christmas ornaments, small pillows, and  more.  They also make great gifts - either finished or as a kit.  Try one today!

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