Friday, June 19, 2015

Geese Migrations Blog Hop Coming, and Stay Cool This Summer!

IT IS COMING... One Book... 13 Certified Shops... 29 Designs... 5 days... and LOTS of Prizes! The Geese Migrations Blog Hop Book Tour... June 22 - June 26, 2015... Stay tuned!

Stay cool this summer with these great fans to slip in your purse.  Use them anywhere to keep cool!  We have a full box back in stock, and there are three new colors to go with the three original colors!  Black, Red, and Blue were very popular, and now we've added purple, green, and blue and yellow!  Get several and put them in your purse, your car, your house - make sure there is always one close by! 

Here is the red fan and the cover it folds into.  Just twist and the fan folds into itself and you are ready to go.  Click here to order. These fans make great gifts and are perfect for all of your quilting friends! 


  1. Love both of your design! Actually love all of the designs in Geese Migrations. The challenge is where to start. And this is a fun way to see new online stores.

  2. I REALLY love the Geese over the Flathead - reminds me of a past trip to Colorado.

  3. Can't wait for the class, Geese over the "Flathead" with a California bent. Am enjoying reading your blog.