Friday, August 21, 2015

More From Janome Institute

Today was another information packed day!  We had a great class on the Janome 9900, a great sewing / embroidery machine. We got to do a project that included both embroidery and sewing features!  This is a great machine and so much fun to work with. For those of you who attend our Anita Goodesign  machine embroidery workshops, this is the machine we use for those classes. We learned more fun new things about the machine and can't wait to share those things with you!

We also had fun learning about the new digitizing software. They have added some incredible features and made it so much easier to use!  This software can be used for any machine and we can't wait until it is released, which will be in the near future. We'll plan a demo and let you know as soon as it is available.

One of the best parts of this event is to meet and network with other shop owners as well as the experts at Janome. Everyone has so much energy and there are so many great ideas shared by everyone. And today, I even met someone who went to the same college - Auguatana College in Rock Island, Illinois!  My husband and I met there so I have very fond memories of the school. It is a small liberal arts school so I don't often run into people who went there!

Tomorrow is the last class day and closing ceremonies - I can't believe how quickly theorem has gone by. I'm sure we'll have more to share after the classes tomorrow!

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