Monday, August 3, 2015

Anita Goodesigns Nursery Rhymes is SOOOOO Cute!

This week, one of our customers brought in an almost completed Nursery Rhymes quilt, using the  Anita Goodesign machine embroidery blocks..  This Special Edition design collection consists of 20 different Nursery Rhymes and songs transformed into beautiful quilt blocks. Each of the designs combined the lyrics with applique designs and folded fabric borders. There are also companion designs to add to your quilt or wall hanging that join perfectly with the large blocks.  Click here for more information on this collection.

As I was working with our customer discussing border options, I had a vague recollection of Kit working on this very project.  So I looked in the back, and here is the one she has started!  After looking at both of these ladie's projects, I want to start one too!  All of these songs are so familiar - I spent hours singing these to my kids!  Here is the project Kit has started:


And here are some of the blocks close up:

If you would like to use these designs on other items besides a quilt you can do that with ease. All of the designs include a version without the stippling, background or borders. The best part about this collection is that you can combine it with other Anita Goodesign collections! This design uses the rectangle block as the main shape so the designs in the Nursery Rhyme Special Edition can be easily combined with their Beautiful Blocks and Borders Premium Edition, or other special editions as well.  Do you have someone special you can make this project for?

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