Sunday, January 8, 2017

Featherweight Maintenance on Sunday! We Have All the Accessories You Need!

Did you get a new Featherweight Sewing Machine for Christmas?  Or does yours need a tune-up?  Join Geri for our $5 Featherweight Maintenance class on Sunday, January 8th.  She'll show you what you need to do to get your machine humming again!  

And of course we have all the accessories you need for your machine - bobbins, needles, belts, light bulbs, cord and foot pedals, and more.  We have a 1/4 foot and a walking foot that will fit perfectly on your featherweight machine.  

If you need a case, we also have the new version of the case - looks like the old one but is brand new!

And if you need additional reference, how about this great book by author Nancy Johnson Srebro. Now in the third addition, Nancy shares loads of historical and technical information with an easy to read personal style that's been her hallmark in many articles and books on quilt making.  This book has all you need to understand your machine - we wouldn't go anywhere without it!

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