Thursday, December 8, 2016

More Fun Panels from Stacy Iest Hsu!

Panels to make these cute dolls and accessories are all back in stock!  There are four really cute panels you can do!  Each panel makes one or two dolls, small quilt, pillow, and more!

Lil' Red tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  Panel makes Lil' Red, her cape, wolf, pillow and quilt.  Very cute!  To order Lil' Red panel, click here

Coral, Queen of the Sea has her skirt and belt, her mermaid tail and belt, pillow, Bubbles the Seahorse, and quilt. To order Coral panel, click here

Just Another Walk in the Woods features Hansel and Gretel dolls, the bear, the bunny, and the quilt.  To order Hansel and Gretel, click here

Farm Fun Animals includes four mama animals - cow, chicken, pig, and sheep - along with two babies for each of them that fit right into their front pockets!  To order Farm Fun Animals, click here

All of these are very cute and fun and easy to make.  Can easily be done by Christmas and would make a great gift!

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