Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tuffet Construction Class on Thursday!

Have you made a Tuffet top and are you ready to complete your Tuffet?  Join us on Thursday November 19th for our Tuffet Construction Class!  We provide the upholstery tools and the instruction you'll need to leave with a completed Tuffet!  Click here to register for the Tuffet Construction class. 

We are so excited about Tuffets!  In addition to the Tuffet Construction Class on the 19th, we also have the two day class coming up on December 13th and 29th.   The first session will be to make the tuffet top, and the second session will be to actually construct the tuffet.  Barbara Hall is teaching our class, and she made our beautiful sample!  Click here to register for class, and click here to purchase your very own tuffet kit and pattern!  We hope you will join us for class! 

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  1. first time to check out your blog. Still in November. I'll check back another day. Wishing y'all a merry Christmas.